About Our Projects

EcoStay plants native species species trees and protects existing forests from future logging or development for up to 100 years.  Every project is third party validated to meet the requirements of the ISO 14064-2 methodologies for GHG reduction.  Our projects are located across Canada and the USA.



 Alberta, Canada 

This afforestation (a.k.a tree planting) project includes several sites across Alberta, and aims at planting new native species saplings on degraded lands, restoring biodiversity to a region that has been been recently devastated by fire.

ISO 14064-2


British Columbia, Canada

This forestry conservation project is vast in size and ecological importance, encompassing remote valleys, mountains and lakes in southern British Columbia, and provides essential habitat for dozens of species at risk, including the red-listed grizzly bear, wolverine and bull trout. The project also offers a rare opportunity for local and global visitor recreation.

Voluntary Carbon Standard


Maine, US

This conservation project protects multiple well stocked sugar maple forests from future logging. In addition to carbon capture, the project provides indigenous biodiversity, wintering habitats for deer and shelter for other wildlife and important migratory corridors for the fauna.

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