Here's how you can be a Responsible Traveller

There's no doubt that tourism has a significant impact on both our world-wide and local environments.  A 2018 report by journal Nature Climate Change found that tourism accounts for about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  At the same time, travel has an unparalleled power to open minds to new experiences and cultures, creating a profound appreciation for what our world has to offer.  Finding better, lower impact ways to travel is what responsible tourism is all about.  Here are a few common-sense practices you can do to lower your travel impact. 

Getting there...

At Hotels...

    • Reuse towels & sheets instead of changing them every day.
    • Keep your showers short and shut off water while brushing teeth.
    • Turn off the AC/heat, television, lights and electrical devices.
    • Take part in the hotel’s recycling program.

Eating Out...

    • Cut back on meat and dairy.
    • Choose local dishes prepared using local ingredients. 

Sight Seeing...

    • Use an eco-friendly mode of transportation like biking, walking or public transit when travelling locally.
    • Choose "reef safe" mineral sunscreen based on zinc oxide or titanium oxide